2020 Republican Candidates

(*) denotes the candidate is the incumbent.

Board of Education

Patrick Tillman* - District 03 
Michelle Bardsley - District 05 

Board of County Commissioners

Alan Branson* - District 04 
Troy Lawson - District 05
Jim Davis - District 06

Register of Deeds

Richard Siddiqui

State Legislature - NC House of Representatives 

Chris Meadows - District 57 

Clinton Honey - District 58

Jon Hardister* - District 59

Frank Ragsdale - District 60  - Mailing address: P.O. Box 49624, Greensboro, NC 27419

John Faircloth* - District 62


State Legislature - NC Senate

Amy S. Galey - District 24

Dave Craven* - District 26

Sebastian King - District 27

D.R. King - District 28

NC Court of Appeals (5 seats)

Judge April C. Wood - Seat 04

Judge Fred Gore - Seat 05

Judge Chris Dillon - Seat 06

Judge Jeff Carpenter - Seat 07

Judge Jefferson Griffin - Seat 13


Supreme Court of North Carolina (2 seats)

Judge Tamara Barringer

Judge Phil Berger, Jr.


Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina

Justice Paul Newby


NC State Treasurer

Dale R. Folwell*


NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

Catherine Truitt


NC Secretary of State

E.C. Sykes


NC Commissioner of Labor

Josh Dobson


NC Commissioner of Insurance

Mike Causey*


NC Commissioner of Agriculture

Steve Troxler*


NC Attorney General

Jim O'Neill


NC Lieutenant Governor

Mark Robinson


NC Governor

Dan Forest


US House of Representatives

Lee Haywood 


US Senate

Thom Tillis*


President of the United States

Donald J. Trump*