Guilford County Republican Party Guilford County Republican Party

Ever wanted to know how to be a Republican or Conservative activist?

Are you always amazed at (and sometimes envious of) how much spunk and wherewithal some people seem to have?

Well, NOW is the time to sharpen your skills!

Heritage Action for America offers free, conservative activist training 24/7, 365.

See the links below for some of our favorites.

Writing a Letter to the Editor

All things TWITTER: Creating an Account, Sending your first tweet, Twitter Activism

Note: Be sure to follow @GuilfordGOP and subscribe to our Lists! Try using hashtags like... #LeadRight #NCPol #GuilfordPol 


What are yours? Do you have any favorite resources? Want GuilfordGOP to host a training for a specific topic? Maybe you've written a letter to the editor that's been published-- share it with us!

Continue to share what you're up to in the name of freedom so so we can highlight them and showcase our County's activism!


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