A Day of Action!

The NCGOP is calling for a Day of Action on Saturday, July 25th. 

DO YOU WANT CHANGE IN NORTH CAROLINA? A Day of Action is your opportunity to do so! 

Have you talked or posted on social media a lot lately about your frustration with corrupt #KingRoy Cooper? Turn that keyboard warrior energy into real positive results for our state and put those words into action, please! Join us as we phone-bank and knock on voter’s doors to spread our message for NC -- One of unity, opportunity, and possibility.

That's really what the G.O.P. stands for -- The Great Opportunity Party!

NC needs a Republican victory in November to get our state back on track! Come by the Guilford County GOP office at 10 am and we will go out door-knocking in teams or stay put and phone-bank together. If you can’t make it at 10 but still want to participate, we will be sending out a second wave of door knockers after lunch at 1 pm, so please come later if you can!

RSVP -- https://guilford.nc.gop/gop_day_of_action