Event Updates!

A few words from the 3rd Vice-Chair ...

We want to feature all Guilford County Republican events on our calendar, but we ask a few things! 

  • We have 1 (one) person from each auxiliary club or group acting as a scheduling representative. This is the person who would be contacting us with the schedule updates. Normally this representative would be the club leader, but it doesn't have to be. We would expect the club leader to inform us if someone else will be acting as their contact.
  • All submissions are sent at least 1 week in advance of the date of the event. Posting an event 2 days before it happens doesn't really help anyone.
  • Events should pertain to Guilford County Republicans! We reserve the ability to post events for neighboring counties or state-wide events we feel are appropriate, but in most cases, we only want events specific to our own Guilford County. 
  • The event information must include an event name, a clear location with street address, and a specific start and end time. Additional info pertaining to the topic and speakers are also welcome, but we reserve the right to edit as we deem fit.
  • Email address for your event submissions -- [email protected]

Quick FAQ --

Q: Our event is posted to our website, printed handouts, and all over social media, why do we have to contact you to get posted? Can't you just follow our content and update it when you see it?

A: There are many clubs, groups, and events. Not all want to be seen on the official GCGOP events calendar. Further, because of all those possible different sources, we want one contact from each club to update us with the best and most current information. We don't have time to try to look up everything for everyone, and if we saw it in passing we might forget details, so we depend on the clubs to keep us posted.

Q: I sent in an update for an event and it was never posted, what is up with that?

A: Event posts are subject to some review by the party chairs. If the event is deemed to be too far away from Guilford, not specific enough to Republican interests or concerns, or otherwise inappropriate in some way we reserve editorial rights to not post it. These conditions are all somewhat subjective, so while we might not normally post an event happening in Manteo, if it was an important enough event we might include it regardless. Additionally, events happening in neighboring counties would weigh heavier in importance than those further away. Lastly, if we got the information less than a week from the event, we may have decided not to post it.

Q: There's a google calendar out there that has the city and town meetings, board meetings, and Republican events on it, why aren't we using that?

A: That calendar is maintained under a joint effort between the various town and city officials, organizations, and private individuals. There is no central clearinghouse or vetting of the information contained in it. It also doesn't interface as easily with mapping software to produce directions to the location of an event. There is nothing inherently wrong with that google calendar, but our executive board decided a while ago to concentrate our efforts on the website events where we have full editorial control. 

Best regards,

Todd Rourke

Guilford County GOP 3rd Vice-Chair

[email protected]