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Some of our precinct leaders from eastern Guilford County met for introductory training at Lebanon Baptist Church in Greensboro on June 1. This was the first of planned training events and modalities that will become a continual precinct organization calendar.

Alissa Batts, 2nd Vice Chair, Paul Daniels, 3rd Vice Chair, and Tina Forsberg, District 5 Chair, shared ideas and methods for Identifying, Connecting, Enlisting and Training & Tracking Republicans around Guilford County. We are here to help equip you to become the face of the Republican party in your neighborhood, so please reach out to us if you are interested in joining us!

It's crucial that Guilford Republicans know we are here in their neighborhoods and that they are important to us. We want to know what's on your mind as we work to organize our county? What resources, skills and time would you be willing to share in our growing organization? 

2020 is just around the corner. There are municipal elections in 2019. Together, we can solidify, grow and turn out our Republican voters. If you are new to our party and want to join in our efforts, please Volunteer Here!

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