A Precinct Chair is the most important leadership role in the Guilford County Republican Party. Precinct Chairs are boots on the ground that have day-to-day interaction with the voters in their area.  Each County is divided into precincts; there are currently 165 precincts in Guilford County.

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List of Precinct Chairs

Precinct Chair Responsibilities

1. Build a volunteer base and identify/register voters

This is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, get to know your precinct and get some great exercise. Most Precincts are easy to walk during a weekend depending on your pace and engagement level.  This is also a great opportunity to find a neighbor interested in being a volunteer, block captain, or even your assistant Precinct Chair!

2. Informing voters about Guilford GOP event and helping turn out the vote on #ElectionDay!

The Guilford County GOP has many clubs throughout the county that meet monthly.  These are events you could invite your neighbors to and is a great way for them to get involved and stay up to speed with what’s going on in politics and the county. Turning out the Republican vote is important to every election so that we can offset the Democrat vote and the best way to do that is to have an active and engaged Republican Precinct Chair.

3. Attend the County Executive Committee meeting 

As a Republican Precinct Chair, you’re entitled to a vote at the Executive Committee meeting that meets usually the 1st Monday of the month except for July and December. You are able to decide on matters that affect your party.  These are also great strategy and educational sessions on how to be a great Precinct Chair in your county.

4. Working the polls and recruiting poll workers

One of the best ways to meet people in your Precinct is to work the election polls.  Your friends and neighbors will have a chance to meet and talk with you.  This is also a great way to help ensure integrity at the ballot box by working as a poll watcher or recruiting others to serve as poll watchers.

5. Scheduling meetings in your precinct

Hold coffee meetings or yard parties for Republicans. Bringing Republicans together gets them excited, promotes accountability among the grassroots to get our candidates elected, and may produce new volunteers. If possible, arrange for a Republican official or candidate to attend your events.

6. Supporting the Guilford County Republican Party financially

We urge each Precinct Chair to become a member of our Sustaining Supporter for monthly contributions that really help smooth our cash flow.  We also urge Precinct Chairs to help with our largest fundraiser, the annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner by obtaining auction items and attending, if possible.