Guilford County Republican Party Guilford County Republican Party

From John Hammer at the Rhino Times

The North Carolina state House District 57 race is one that on paper Troy Lawson should have an easy time winning. Lawson is a black man running in a minority-majority district against Ashton Clemmons, a white woman. Both are first time candidates running for an open seat.

Minority-majority districts were designed to give minorities more representation in elected bodies and they have succeeded. If you look at the District 57 political race without one important factor, it appears it would be a shoo-in for Lawson; instead, he is in an uphill battle.

The factor is political party, not race. Lawson is a Republican, and not just any Republican; he is chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party. To win, Lawson has to convince a lot of voters to do something they have never done – vote for a Republican.


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