Sportsman Banquet Tickets

The Sportsman Banquet, sponsored by NCGOP, is being held on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9 at Hayfield Murchison Farms, 9850 Pleasant Hill Church Rd, Liberty 27298 ( The VIP Reception starts at 5:30 PM & Dinner at 6:30 PM. Expect many guest speakers as well as a gun raffle!

The funds from the dinner & gun raffle are going to the Judiciary Victory Fund to help elect our Judges at the NC Supreme Court & the Court of Appeals.


Your Guilford County GOP has purchased 10 regular tickets for the dinner (starting at 6:30 PM) and 2 VIP tickets (at 5:30 PM reception & dinner). These are going to be made available to our members at No Charge on the following plan --

  • Any GCGOP member wanting to attend MUST submit their name & contact information - email & phone number - to Deanna De'Liberto at - [email protected] - by 5 PM, Monday, Sept. 27.
  • All entries will be entered into a "lottery" (yes, a big bowl with slips of papers with names on them).
  • Drawing for attendees will be conducted after the GGRWC meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 28 by members of our Executive Committee who are present.
  • We'll draw the 10 dinner tickets first, then the "Grand Prize" 2 VIP tickets.
    • If we draw a spouse, then the other (remaining) spouse will have to purchase their own ticket to attend.
    • We'll also draw 4 alternate names for dinner tickets & 2 alternate names for VIP tickets. Should the original winners be unable to attend, we'll have alternates to "fill in."
    • We'll notify winners by text & email following the drawing of Tuesday, Sept. 28.


If you are a winner, your acceptance by email to Deanna De'Liberto (email above) & myself - [email protected] - will be needed within 24 hours! We'll need to provide attendee names to NCGOP promptly!

Please share with others!

This event is nearby & promises to be a FUN evening.