2021 Strategic Plan

2021 – 2022 Strategic Plan
Guilford County Republican Party


The Guilford County Republican Party will be a relevant and influential political
organization within Guilford County, adhering to the North Carolina Republican Party’s


The Guilford County Republican Party will work to elect candidates within Guilford
County who advocate the ideals of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Economic Freedom,
States’ Rights, Self-Reliance, and Personal Responsibility.


1. Establish a leadership role with County candidates and local upcoming elections.
2. Fully staff the County Party’s Executive Board and Committees.
3. Thoroughly train district chairs, precinct chairs, and office staff/volunteers.
4. Expand and strengthen our fundraising activities.
5. Improve our internal communication, external messaging, and marketing.
6. Maximize the effective use of our technology, social media, and website.
7. Support local/county auxiliary organizations.