County Leadership

2021-23 Executive Board

David Gleeson, Chairman

Originally from Tennessee, David Gleeson, as a business executive, has lived throughout the United States. He moved to North Carolina to assume a CEO position 20 years ago. David and his wife Kathleen are retired and live in Jamestown.

Throughout his career and retirement, David has remained engaged in community endeavors such as Greensboro Rotary and the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra Board, among many others. He civically engaged in the AMAC organization and was originally elected as Chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party in 2019.

David's goals are to support and re-elect local Republican officials, increased fundraising, and strengthening the party organization with able, active precinct chairs. and volunteers.

Greg Pittman, 1st Vice Chairman

Greg received his Bachelor's Degree in Media, Culture, and the Arts from The King's College in New York City. During his time at King’s, Greg founded and inspired numerous campus and city initiatives, multiple of which are still in place today. Greg is an entrepreneur, a creative, and an ultra-connector. He has founded two non-profit organizations and spearheaded various projects and charitable initiatives. In 2015, Greg was awarded a Fellowship at the Trinity Fellows Academy in Maryland. He has served on various executive committees, speaks publicly, and collaborates with entrepreneurs and creatives across the country. Greg has also served as a consultant to and collaborator with various mastermind groups and cohorts. In 2015, Greg founded the New Canaan Society Atlanta Chapter and a coffee brand called Cause Roast. Currently Greg is the Cofounder & Managing Director of an angel investors cohort in the Triad called Social Capital Ventures and the Publisher & Content Manager for Faith Driven Entrepreneur.

Kathleen Flanigan, 2nd Vice Chairwoman

Kathy originally came to Guilford County in 2000 when her husband retired from US Army at Fort Bragg. She has always been an active event organizer and volunteer for the county party. Over the course of her involvement with the local Republicans, Kathy has previously served as -- Guilford County GOP Vice chairwoman, President of the Northwest Republican Women's Club, and has been awarded Volunteer of the Year by the Guilford GOP. 

Todd Rourke, 3rd Vice Chairman

Todd has been a Greensboro resident for over 20 years, has been a registered Republican his entire adult life, and considers himself a Reaganite. He currently works as a business analyst for UnitedHealth Group, but in the past has worked in diverse areas ranging from retail management, technical support, and even radio production.

He believes in less bureaucracy, lower taxes, and getting the government out of the way. He believes in the 11th Commandment and will tell you upfront that primary season makes him uncomfortable because of this. When deciding the merits of an issue, Todd's political philosophy boils down to the question of “Where does the freedom, liberty, and choice lie?” He firmly believes that any political question can be resolved by determining which options preserve the most freedom, liberty, and choice for the American people.

Steve Golimowski, Treasurer

Stephen Golimowski serves as Treasurer to the Guilford County Republican Party, having been re-elected to the post in 2021. Steve is also the Assistant Treasurer for the 6th District Republican Party and is on the State Executive Committee. He enjoys an active retirement, working part-time for his son's BohoBlu stores, having retired from American Standard as Director of Manufacturing several years ago.  

He and his wife reside in the Lake Jeanette area of Greensboro.

Jay Prajapati, Assistant Treasurer

Jigar “Jay” Prajapati came to Guilford County in 2000.  He attended Southeast Guilford HS and graduated from UNCG.  Jay's primary goal is to support and re-elect local Republican officials.  Jay also seeks to educate voters by reaching out to local communities which share the same conservative values as our local Republican officials.

Deanna De'Liberto, Secretary

Originally from New York, Deanna is a retired high school mathematics educator. She founded and served as President of D Squared Assessments, Inc. and Election Integrity NJ. Her research and development of the D Squared Algebra Readiness Test earned her an invitation to participate in the 12th ICMI Study Conference on the teaching and learning of Algebra. She also served on the Hazlet Board of Education. After relocating to Greensboro, Deanna served as Secretary of the Friends of the Greensboro Public Library. She currently serves as Parliamentarian for the Greater Greensboro Republican Women’s Club.

Deanna is passionate about K-12 education and election integrity. Educational assessments must be properly aligned to curriculum and instruction to be considered reliable and valid. She believes that we must test responsibly or not at all. Free and fair elections are vital to keeping our Republic. If our elections are not truly fair, we are not truly free. 

Michelle Bardsley, Assistant Secretary

Michelle C Bardsley is a 13+ year NC CTE business, finance, IT, and marketing education leader. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Finance from Old Dominion University. Michelle also is a 13-year private industry professional in finance/accounting, IT, and project leadership. Michelle is a Ronald Reagan conservative and believes that our USA free enterprise system, conservative principles, and the constitution provide an opportunity for all individuals and families to pursue and achieve their American dream. She is the Adviser to the Guilford County Teenage Republicans, a Board member of the Triad Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and serves on her church worship ministry team. Michelle was raised in Virginia in a military and entrepreneur family and is the oldest of four children. She is married to her husband Rob of 28 years and has four wonderful adult children. 

Eric Baker, General Counsel

Eric is a practicing Attorney at Law in High Point, NC. 

Guilford County District Chairs:

District 1 - Manuel E. Matso Rodriques

District 2 - Jason L. Mason

District 3 - Michael Logan

District 4 - Peter O'Connell

District 5 - Tina Forsberg

District 6 - Connie Baker

District 7 - Todd Rourke

Ad Hoc Committee Chairs:

Finance - Paul Norcross; Aryn Schloemer

Membership - Kathy Flanigan

Minority Engagement - Clarence Henderson

Plan of Organization - Eric Baker

Precinct Organization - Dianne Doughty; Deanna De'Liberto

Social Media - Victoria King

Troy Lawson Scholarship - Connie Baker; Michelle Bardsley

Political Analyst - Demetria Carter

Special Events - Michelle Bardsley

Candidates Forum - Chris Meadows