Chairman Meadows Statement Regarding the April 4 School Board Meeting

In regards to the Tuesday, April 4th Guilford County Board of Education meeting, Michael Logan was not seated because of extremely partisan politics. Michael Logan has the support of the Guilford County Republican Party that followed the rules of the new law and the previous law. Mr. Logan is immensely qualified to serve on the GC Board of Education and was duly elected by members of the GCGOP Executive Committee as outlined in the rules set forth. The Democrat-led school board got a registered Republican on the Board that immediately voted the way the Democrats told him to vote and opposed the bill, HB 187, which is a statute designed to protect the best interests of our school-aged children. The Board's pick, Bill Goebel, is only a recently registered Republican and, as a previously unaffiliated voter, voted for Democrats and, even in the most recent municipal elections of 2022 publicly supported Democrats.


The Board's attorney cherry-picked portions of the new statute and ignored the bulk of the new statute. We did not know in advance that the events of Tuesday night were going to occur. We were told that a judge was going to be present to perform the swearing-in. The Superintendent deceived the two elected Republicans on the Board in Monday meetings by not informing them of what was going to transpire. She must have known what was going to occur because her Chief of Staff was intimately involved in the events that occurred, and this is per Mr. Goebel's public comments which were aired on the local TV stations. The Board's attorney conducted public business in private, non-disclosed meetings without informing all the Board members, which happens to be a violation of the law.  The number of rules and laws broken by this school board seems to be growing by the day, all at the expense of our school-aged children who are forced to attend failing schools run by a board that cares more about what political party has a majority than if our children can read, write and count.


Chris Meadows

​Chairman, Guilford County Republican Party