Guilford Republican Party Executive Committee praises the passage of Senate Bill 9

The Guilford County Republican Party (GCRP) Executive Committee praises the passage of legislation to strengthen the language in how vacated seats are filled for the Guilford County Board of Education (Board).

Senate Bill 9 (SB9) resolves any ambiguity and makes clear that the vacancy of a partisan seat is filled by the party executive committee. Once the party executive committee makes a recommendation of a nominee to the Superintendent of Guilford County Schools in accordance with the law, that individual shall take the oath of office at the next regular meeting of the Board. The Board has no vote or voice in the matter. 

In addition, the passage of SB9 immediately terminates any individual appointed to the Board to fill a vacancy occurring between December 1, 2022, and the date the bill is enacted. In essence the District 3 seat is vacant again.  

From inception, the Guilford County Republican Party has been in compliance with the law to recommend a qualified nominee to fill the vacancy for the District 3 seat. However, the 6 Democrats on the Board were derelict in their duty refusing to seat the lawful nominee. In lieu of litigation that would have cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars the GCRP has looked to the NC General Assembly (NCGA) as the higher authority to intervene and settle the dispute.  

“As the Chairman of the Guilford County Republican Party, I find the actions of the Board Democrats and the illegally appointed representative repugnant. Not only did the Board Chair and other Board members slander Mr. Michael Logan, a 25-year beloved GCS teacher, they disrespected the two Republican Board members Ms. Crissy Pratt and Ms. Linda Welborn, undermined the NC General Assembly, and disenfranchised the citizens in District 3 for months. The Guilford County Republican Party, as a dignified assembly will not tolerate pernicious schemes and illegal back room deals.”   ~ Chairman Chris Meadows 

Now that SB9 has been enacted into law, the District 3 seat is vacant once more, resetting the clock and authorizing the GCRP Executive Committee to recommend their choice of nominee to the Superintendent, subsequently having their legitimate nominee sworn in at the next Board meeting.  

“The GCRP is grateful to Representative Jon Hardister, Senator Phil Berger and the NCGA for their diligence in resolving this matter. With the passage of SB9, the GCRP Executive Committee will ensure that the lawful Republican nominee will be seated at the next Board meeting.”  

~ Chairman Chris Meadows 

The GCRP executive committee will conduct a meeting on August 30 to elect a nominee to fill the District 3 seat. Any qualified Republican voter residing in District 3 can apply. Email inquiries to [email protected]