HB 450 Alert

From our Political Analyst Demetria Carter ...


On March 30, 2021, NC Representative Vernetta Alston introduced House Bill 450, an “Act to Protect all North Carolinians Against Discrimination in All Walks of Life.”   It is North Carolina’s “Equality Act.”  It is the equivalent of US House of Representatives (H.R.) bill #5, “The Equality Act,” now under consideration in the Senate.  HB 450 mimics H.R. 5 in all substantial and meaningful ways. 

HB 450 repudiates HB 358, the "Save Women’s Sports Act."  HB 358 currently addresses the biological differences between men and women and prohibits transgendered girls and women from joining girls and women’s sports teams. HB 450 would ultimately undo HB 358.

Your attention is invited to an interesting article, dated April 2, 2021, by Joshua Peters in the Carolina Journal, “Opinion (CJ Opinion):  Shifting interpretation of Title IX demands action from lawmakers.”  Go here:  https://www.carolinajournal.com/opinion-article/shifting-interpretation-of-title-ix-demands-action-from-lawmakers/.

  • North Carolina HB 358 is the bill we need to support!  Email, call or write letters to the sponsor(s) -- Representatives Brody, McElraft, Wheatley, and Dixon — in support of this bill. 
  • North Carolina HB 450 is the bill we must oppose!  Email, call or write letters to the sponsor(s) — Representatives Alston, Harrison, and Fisher — in opposition to this bill.